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Posted by on Jan 22, 2013


Over the past couple of years the Lionfish Elimination Team has been making a significant impact around the Caribbean and United States.
In collaboration with its supporters, divers, governments, other organizations and all those who eat the invasive species LET has removed more lionfish from the reefs in the most safe and efficient way possible than any other group today.
LET’s supporters have continuously motivated the divers to set forth and have also gained traction around other parts of the affected seas, this to the extent that various areas have requested LET expand to their location.
Naturally flattered and dedicated with the same goal LET has begun their expansion by opening an all new chapter in the United States of America.


Florida (where LET USA is currently based) was the first location affected by the invasive species becoming home to the lionfish since 1985.

Since 1992 when the aquarium-release theory came about and the species became a known concern, much research has been done in the Florida area which has already been beneficial to the growth of LET. Lately however, the lionfish invasion is getting out of hand in the area and LET feels the obligation to step in and play its part as a lionfish-reaction organization by setting forth and fighting back against the lionfish in the crucial US waters.



Check out the new LET USA page and stay up to date on some exiting new ventures in the near future:


Cover photo credit – Allie Elhage
American Eagle photo credit – Allie Elhage
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