Lionfish Hunt at Mushroom Forest

Posted by on Jan 8, 2013


On a typical LET hunt we drive over to the far Western tip of the island to clean the most beautiful and critical reefs.
One of these reefs is Mushroom Forest which lies a few hundred meters around the corner of Santa Cruz.
We dropped down nice and late expecting more lionfish as it gets darker and emerged right before sunset where we were picked up by the dive boat.


With ZooKeepers filled we headed back to Santa Cruz and pointed around at our next target destinations.
This view and the feeling of leaving behind a clean reef is more than enough reward for LET Divers!


At return to Santa Cruz we emptied out our ZooKeepers and split up our catch for whoever wanted to eat. Captain Goodlife then got right into the kitchen and cooked us up a fantastic dish on his porch as we watched the laser show across the bay.

Volunteering doesn’t sound so bad now does it?


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